Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Friday, October 26, 2007

L'Oréal Fashion Week: "It" Week

The fashion-induced buzz (possibly fueled by strawberry-flavoured Rich Prosecco in a can) under the FDCC big top is about to come to and end. Last night I caught Saniya Khan, whose sari-inspired collection was a contrast to all the cocktail gowns and streetwear I'd seen so far. And today, the fashion masses left work early to catch Paul Hardy's presentation, an absolutely charming collection of floaty, fluffy dresses and sophisticated, voluminous skirts all set to a fairytale-type soundtrack.
Following Paul Hardy was Nada Yousif, who presented her first runway show. The former Degrassi: The New Generation extra chose candy colours and lollipop stripes and added kangaroo pockets to mini dresses and skirts giving the range a fun, youthful air. Four of the cast of Degrassi sat in the front row to support Yousif and after the show she was whisked off to chat with Jeanne Beker, an interview that was broadcast live on screens around the tent.
All in all a fun, crazy, busy, exhausting fashion week - as usual. I am retiring to my bed for 24 hours where I will try not to think about fashion but may end up planning my spring wardrobe anyway.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

L'Oréal Fashion Week: "It" Night

Well, Wednesday night was definitely the night to hit the fashion week tents at Nathan Phillips Square. Not only did some of the most popular designers show, but there were a lot of bared and accentuated body parts. The crowds were out of control and the Schick Quattro-sponsored "Booby Booth," where fashionistas can anonymously flash their assets for a camera in support of the Rethink Breast Cancer foundation, was actually getting some action – of course that may have had something to do with the free Vin de Pays D'Oc wine tastings.As expected, the Fashion Grindhouse, featuring collections from Damzels in this Dress and Play Dead, was incredibly entertaining. Each started with a kitschy little video about life-size dolls gone wild and finished with a parade of quirky, enthusiastic models made up like dolls, rocking the runway. Bum cheeks and nip slips weren't planned but actually added to the attitude and the models whose privates were bared played it off with confidence.
There was a virtual mob scene at Andy The-Anh, whose collection involved a lot of flirty waterfall ruffles down the back and along the bum of his sexy dresses – a detail the camera man made sure to catch every time. And unfortunately, I got to see lots of the bum shots. Because of the mob scene – and a quick dinner that went too long – I was late for the show and had to watch it on a screen next to the runway but it was impressive nonetheless.
David Dixon's show featured huge white fabric waves stretched along the runway and a soundtrack of crashing water and as usual, his collection was feminine, architectural and modern all at once, with three-dimensional details that were half flowers, half ruffles.
I arrived at This is London just after the Gotstyle show because I decided to stay to watch Common Cloth and was happy I did. The 70's-inspired collection was a nice contrast to the more formal clothes at Andy and David Dixon. High-waisted denim shorts in raw denim and baby pink looked great on the models but I worried about what they might look like on me. But the flowy, cropped tops layered over simple tanks reminded me of their first ballerina-themed collection.
Oh, and the Rockport event did indeed end with me sporting a fabulous new pair of knee-high leather boots. As a habitual ballet flat wearer, I had no idea Rockport shoes were stylish – and so ridiculously comfortable.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

L'Oréal Fashion Week: "It" Boys

It was a day of cute boys. First was the Philip Sparks show at Town Shoes with cute, geeky-looking bespectacled models and Sparks himself, who is undeniably adorable and ridiculously likable. The clothes and much-talked-about Philip Sparks for Town Shoes shoes were fabulous. I have to admit that menswear runway shows don't usually excite me, but Sparks' collection was fun and original, while still feeling classic. The pieces that got the audience whispering excitedly were two jackets, a windbreaker and a trench, made out of the kind of ripstop plastic that's usually reserved for tarps. Sounds bizarre but with Sparks' technical skills, they looked like works of art.
My second show of the day was Ginch Gonch, and while there were girls in the show, I would bet that most of the audience was looking at the greased up, gyrating (22 of the mannequins gracing the catwalk were professional dancers) guys in their skivvies. The underwear itself was totally fun. Those who could tear their eyes away from the well-defined abs would have seen monkey, leopard and Native Canadian prints graced the briefs and hoodies.
Tomorrow: A long day starting with an event at Rockport shoes (where it's rumoured that attendees will get a free pair) and ending with another all male show for men's store, Gotstyle at nightclub, This Is London. I'm predicting that the Fashion Grindhouse, featuring labels Damzels in this Dress and Play Dead Cult will be a highlight – and that the Fashion Grindhouse after-party at the Play Dead Mansion should make for an interesting end to the night.

Monday, October 22, 2007

L'Oréal Fashion Week: "It" Show

As suspected, the Project Runway Canada show was the "it" spectacle to see. Even Canuck catwalk pro Heather Marks, who was in Joe Fresh's 8:00 presentation, watched from the front row alongside Fashion Television's Jeanne Beker and editrixes from Canada's top fashion mags. Iman in person is just as statuesque and (although it's stereotypical to say) gazelle-like as I imagined. I can't say much about the actual runway presentation but to prevent a spoiler situation, we still don't know who the finalists are.
Now on to Tuesday. I'm looking forward to Philip Sparks' lunch and runway show at Town Shoes. Of course Ginch Gonch, known for saucy men's unders (and ladies' stuff too, I guess) should also be fun. The jostling to get a prime seat could rival Project Runway!

"It" Fashion Event

Join me for Toronto's L'Oréal Fashion Week and get the backstage scoop on the best collections, parties and gossip – okay, okay, the media pass-scoop. But I'll share my invites and experiences so you'll feel like you were there.
Fashion week kicks off today at Nathan Phillips Square in New York fashion week 7th on Sixth-inspired tents.
According to Canadian press, the tents cover 30,000 square feet and the runway is 61 metres long. The six day event will feature more than two dozen designer collections.Tonight's "It" event is the Project Runway Canada show which, because it's being taped for the reality tv series, is top secret. All attendees, especially media, have been embargoed to keep details of the finalists' collections confidential until the episode airs so I'll fill you in tomorrow on everything I'm allowed to spill.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"It" Movies

Kirsten Dunst, Kate Hudson and Rita Wilson make their directorial debuts at Clinique counters at Bay stores across Canada today. In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Clinique's classic scent, Happy, Glamour magazine partnered with the cosmetics company to produce three short films, directed by Hollywood "it" girls. Each film was based on a true-life story submitted by Glamour readers about a moment in their lives when they felt empowered and happy and Clinique is screening the films and giving away copies of the dvd at counters until October 14.
Dunst's film, surprisingly enough, is a psychological thriller starring Winona Ryder. Hudson's features step-dad Kurt Russell and Wilson's film, features the actress and Harper's Bazaar columnist singing during the closing credits.
Glamour's Reel Moments program was launched in 2005 to create new opportunities for women to get behind the camera. Reel Moments alumni include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.